music factory logoMusic Factory Number 1 is a London based blog dedicated to the task of bringing all that is good and proper in the world of music to the masses.

We will strive to cover everything that is new and exciting on the cutting edge of music, as well as reacquainting you with some of the more established bands that we feel deserve your attention.

We welcome new writers and are always looking for new opinions on music. If you are interested in writing for us, please visit our contact page.

The website was founded by two friends, who remain the editors and primary contributors. They met at the University of Edinburgh, where they worked together as the Music editors for the university’s student paper. After leaving Edinburgh they needed a way to continue writing about their love of music, so Music Factory Number One was born!

Meet the editors
Piers Barber: Piers is Online Editor at Not Shut Up. He has written about music for five years, interviewing prominent artists such as Foals, Murs and Chiddy Bang. A worryingly intense lover of Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie. Follow him on Twitter @piersbarber18 and on Last.fm.

Buster Stonham: Buster is a marketing professional who has been living and working in London for the past two years. He spends every spare minute trying to keep up with the music scene and following and writing about his beloved Arsenal. Buster is also the world’s biggest Feeder fan. Follow him on Twitter @BusterStonham.

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