Ask the DJ: The House Clearance House Party

Tim and Aaron run The House Clearance House Party, the UK’s only free vinyl club night. The concept is simple: they only play 7’’ vinyl singles, and after each one is finished, it’s simply given away – every single record on the night is up for grabs! In the second of our Ask the DJ features, we hear about some of the tracks that make the night tick.


The record that people always ask about: Diana Ross – ‘My Old Piano’

One of those records that people know but don’t hear out that much. It’s been re-edited by a few house and disco DJs so has got out to a fresh new audience, but we love playing the original 7’’.



The record that takes the warm up slot to a main set: Isaac Hayes – ‘Disco Connection’

As we play all night long we definitely need to pick a moment when we we both think: “right, let’s do it”. Isaac Hayes‘ ‘Disco Connection’ is this ultimate stomper that loads of people haven’t heard, but once you have it’s so infectious and seems to go on for longer than any 7’’ record should. Wicked tune that always means its show time.

The record you always try and buy back after every gig: David Bowie – ‘Let’s Dance’

Prince‘s ‘Kiss’, Fleetwood Mac‘s ‘Little Lies’, Martha Reeves’ ‘Jimmy Mac’,  lots of MJ and Stevie are all candidates here… but David Bowie’s ‘Lets Dance’ is a staple in our sets and always gets a huge cheer – and queue at the DJ booth.

The record that’s caused the most chaos: Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

When we played Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ the decks got knocked over as so many people rushed over to say, “can I have this one?” That was pretty crazy – and made for the ultimate rewind.


The track that’s brought the most unexpected reaction: Donna Summer – ‘I Feel Love’

The first time we played this everyone started singing along, we know its great but the whole place went mad. People who you thought wouldn’t be into it ran to dance and got well involved, so now it features in most of the sets we play. Go on Donna!

The record you regret giving away: LCD Soundsystem – ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’

Aaron gave away his own copy of this which turned out to be worth a fair whack. But the bloke was thrilled and it went to a good home.

A favourite track to end the night: Al Green – ‘Let’s Stay Together’

Tim loves playing this then running off into the crowd to sway away.

A song for the morning after: Derrick Harriott – ‘Do I Worry’

Normally something to soothe the head. Aaron reaches for the rocksteady and some smooth Derrick Harriott.

Current DJ inspiration – Greg Wilson

We both really enjoy Greg Wilson sets, and that spirit of cross-genre, cross-year sound and tracks is something we strive for. When going on road trips to pick up record hauls we normally end up putting on one of his latest mixes.

Favourite record shop

For us its less about the record shops and more about the individuals selling their cherished stacks. We’ve met some characters along the way travelling up and down the country. One guy from Nottingham sticks out. He was selling his old DJ collection off and as we were driving away he ran down the drive and pleaded to keep one record back. We stopped and gave him his wish!


Favourite club played: White Heat at The Lexington

Being invited to play at White Heat at The Lexington was awesome. So many great acts have graced that night over the years, so to see our set going down so well with their crowd and everyone clambering to get free vinyl was special.

Upcoming gigs

We’re off to the Secret Garden Party later this month, taking over The Cocktail Bar on Sunday 23rd between midday and 4pm.


Get in touch and keep up to date with news from the House Clearance Party on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Want to get involved? Contact the Music Factory on Twitter via @MusicFactoryNo1.

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