Ask the DJ: Hun Grrr

In the first of a new series, Piers Barber chats to DJ (and friend of the Factory) Hun Grrr about the tracks, mixes and clubs that are currently tickling his musical fancy. He’s been DJing his own blend of house, disco and Balearic since 2008 and recently featured on a W+L Black release alongside Jack Priest and Ollie Terrey. Want to sit in the hot seat? Get in touch!


A favourite set opener: Sade – ‘Love Is Stronger (Vin Sol & Matrixxman Remix)’

At the moment I’m playing a lot of B2B sets at the start of the night. This Sade remix is one I often turn to in order to set a nice atmosphere early on.

A track that’s currently hitting the spot in my sets: Frankie Knuckles – ‘Baby Wants To Ride (Jimmy Edgar Edit)’

I always tend to gravitate to this edit of a certified classic, especially when the strobe light is at its peak rate.

Favourite new track: Shanti Celeste – ‘Good Spirits’

There’s not much to say about this artist that hasn’t been said already. ‘Good Spirits’ has some really beautiful moments – it’s been very refreshing to get a track from her that is a bit slower.

A favourite track to finish the night: Carly Simon – ‘Why (12″ Mix)’

This is obviously always totally dependent on the unique conditions of the night. This is always a favourite, though…

A song for the morning after: Software – ‘Island Sunrise’

My usual mental state the morning after means something easy on the mind is often warranted. ‘Island Sunrise’ is a perfect atmospheric synth number from back in 1988.

Current DJ inspiration: Prins Thomas

prinsPrins Thomas is someone who I’ve come back to again and again since discovering him during my early years of DJing (his Chemical Brothers’ remix is still superb). His Paradise Goulash mix CD was a super inspiring and interesting  release, while his recent Beats In Space mix is also proof of at DJ at the top of their game.

Favourite recent mix: Call Super – Fabric 92


I always get less time to explore techno than I’d like, so mixes like this are what dreams are made of when I’m after both quantity and pure quality. Call Super’s mix for this historic series packs so much depth and feeling into so many track changes – one of the hardest technical challenges to pull off as a DJ.

Favourite non-dancefloor music: CFCF – On Vacation

I could happily say Tame Impala’s last LP (which I’m still deeply obsessed by), but a release that’s not received the exposure I feel it deserved was CFCF’s mini album from early last year. It’s not only beautiful but has also miraculously not been placed in my iTunes playlists reserved for sets.

Favourite club played: The Winchester, Bournemouth

It’s hard to gravitate away from the many incredible and idiosyncratic evenings I spent at The Winchester in Bournemouth during my years living in the city. I’ll always remember many genuinely extraordinary and life affirming moments playing there!


Upcoming gigs

13th April, Horse & Groom, Hoxton: This should be a good’un, it’s an Easter/bank holiday special for Club Hiatus and I’ll be playing with Private Agenda headlining. I’ll also be playing with David Marsdon and the Club Hiatus All Stars at Oslo in Hackney shortly afterwards too, which should be crazy.

Follow Rory: @iamhungrrr on Twitter, and Hun Grrr on Facebook. Want to get involved? Contact the Music Factory on Twitter via @MusicFactoryNo1.

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