Up and coming: Baad Acid interview

Baad Acid are an exciting new raw grunge act from the Isle of Man. With an EP and BBC session already under their belts, the future looks bright. Adam Terris met with them to see what the fuss is about.


Baad Acid are already turning heads up and down the UK, with their grunge sounds and raw attitude making them a live act you’d be a fool to miss.

The band have just released their first self-titled EP and recorded a live session for BBC Lancashire, both of which are available to listen to on Soundcloud. They’ll be touring the UK in March, playing dates in cities such as Manchester, Bristol, London and Glasgow.

The Music Factory recently met up with Jamie Marshall and Leigh Mitchell from the band for a quick Q&A – here’s how it went down:

Hi guys, please introduce yourselves.
Hey, were Baad Acid and we’re from the Isle of Man. We’ve been playing together for about six months now and have managed to do quite a lot in that amount of time. We’ve recorded an EP and played a session for BBC Lancashire – it’s all moving very quickly!

Baad Acid – Beggars Bred

Where did the name Baad Acid come from?
It’s actually a lot simpler than you think, it was just as simple as sticking two words together, nothing fancy, we don’t mess about.

Describe your music using only TV sitcom references.
I ate all your bee’s (Manny from Black Books)

Who are your biggest inspirations?
Jamie: Mine would be Kurt Cobain, he had the type of stage presence and energy that I could only dream about replicating, but I am trying my goddamn hardest.

Leigh: I’d have to say my love for music, if I was to list all the bands and people who inspired me, it would take forever.


If Baad Acid was an animal, what animal would it be?
We’ve likened ourselves to Vanessa Feltz.

Would you Rather have Feet for hands, hands for feet?
J: Hands for feet…Or a face for eyes.

L: I’d rather have a bowl of coco pops

Where do you want to be in a year?
In a years time, we hope to be living in England, maybe Manchester or London, to give it a real go. There’s only so much the Isle of Man can offer us in terms of success, but we believe we have the talent to become big and the island, as beautiful as she is, won’t be able to give us that.

What’s the best gig you’ve been to?
L: I recently went to see The Horrors at Manchester Albert Hall. I’ve seen them quite a lot already and its always been great but this time they took it to another level. It really blew my mind. I went to the afterparty later on and somehow ended up in their dressing room with them, drinking and chatting for hours. For me, personally, The Horrors are the best band to ever grace this earth, so to get the chance to do that was pretty special and something I’ll never forget.

J: I’d say watching Metz, supported by the Wytches in London. Bloody messy gig when Metz came on.

BaadAcid – Copper and Zinc (Waveyteevee Live Session)

What’s your favourite album?
J: I’d have to say the album I have listened to the most recently is Fat White FAMILY – Champagne Holocaust. Fat White Family bring something unique to music, they are rowdy, lyrical geniuses and bloody amazing live as well.

L: My favourite album has to be Primary Colours by The Horrors. Perfect.

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