Album Review: ZZT – Partys Over Earth

Rory Johnson is impressed by the brilliant and bonkers latest release from dance pioneers ZZT.


 zztZZT – Partys Over Earth

Since 2007 Tiga and Zombie Nation have been one of the most powerful combos in electronic music, creating a kind of sound as brash as it is aberrant. The record contains the impressive Lower State of Consciousness, which came out of Turbo Recording’s (Tiga’s record label) already quality arsenal with a kind of spirit that shook up the world of alternative dance music. Nearly 4 years old, it still fits well within the parameters of ZZT’s ‘governing the dancefloors of the world’ concept that makes up Partys Over Earth.

The slower and more stuttering rhythm of ‘Where Is The Captain?’ skilfully sets out the stall for an album of an electronic, wide-eyed and effervescent atmosphere. The album definitely has a language of the type of aggressive analogue-led sound explored well previously by Soulwax’s Nite Versions accompanied by a heavy 4/4 kick drum and a lot of skilful song writing. The heart racing white noise included in Partys Over Los Angeles, ‘Zzafrika’ and ‘Vulkan Alarm’ keep the adrenaline racing, whilst the rest of the album continues to bounce around your head as if on a bouncy castle made from man-made lightning. ‘Nickel Und Dime’, the only track with detectable lyrics (from Tiga himself) deftly grounds the album, protecting it from being thrown on the scrapheap as mere compilation of dancefloor “bombs”. Other previous singles such as ‘The Worm’ make up the more familiar second half of the album only echoing the madness that has come previously.

The assured sense of cool is also evident throughout, with witty and clever Turbo promotion helping the album feel like a very sought after piece of work. A cassette of the album was made available weeks before the familiar formats were available, which proved to be another ingenious move in showing how to both appreciate the super fans and how to work around the problem of ever decreasing music sales. Partys Over Earth succeeds expectations, delivering a previously unheard sound and a mass of inspirational electronic music that will continue to be played at thousands of parties (spelt correctly this time) across planet earth.

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